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Shed hunting in Sunset Country

Now that ice fishing has wrapped up for another year, I have spent most of the past week in the woods, looking for deer sheds.  It's been fun and a great way to "shape-up" before another fishing season.  It wasn't the best season I have had for sheds, but my buddies and I found a bunch of nice sheds. 

Up at Silver Birch Lodge for the 1st annual Can/Am Shed Derby - Team USA (Dan Fuller, Mark Fuller, Pat McSharry, John Peterson and Steve Rankin) won it this year. 

Mark Johnson displaying part of our load last week - he went home with a few big sheds. 

Matthew Walker holds up a nice set that he found

Look at the size of this GIANT wolf track that I found in a low spot last week while I was shed hunting.  There was actually a wolf-killed deer nearby and several fresh sets of tracks around.   


Hockey/Fishing week in Kenora

Well the ice fishing season has pretty much come to an end for me this week.  I'm sure if you really wanted to get out and catch a few pike or lake trout you could get out there but the ice conditions are not great for getting on in most places.  We had a good run the last few days on the ice this week and caught some beauty trout, pike and walleyes. 

The Allan Cup Hockey Tournament was going on in Kenora this past week.  I had a few buddies in town that were playing on the Fort Frances Thunderhawks team and we spent the day on the ice on Wednesday.  Also, got hooked up with three players from the Dundas team (from the Hamilton area) and got them out fishing on Wednesday evening.  Everyone had a blast!

Back row: Derek Hansberry, Josh Meyers (Fort Frances)  Front Row: Tom Brown, Cam Watson, Paul Lawson (Dundas) 


Josh Meyers with a nice laker  

Tom Brown with a big walleye

Marty Hanson (Fort Frances) with a big whitefish


Late ice giants!!!

We are starting to wind down the ice fishing season after a long winter here is Sunset Country.  Fortunately this brings some of the best fishing of the entire season.  Here are samples of some of the fish we have been catching this past week.  I anticipate a few more trips before calling it a year! 

A big walleye from a small lake last week.   

Kalan "Slab Daddy" Wagner  with a big crappie   

Dean Howard with a jumbo pike


Sunset Country TV Program

My buddy Jay Samsal and I were in front of the cameras for the guys that film the program REAL OUTDOORS ONTARIO earlier this winter.  We filmed the whole show in an afternoon on Lake of the Woods.  Watch us land a big lake trout, a GIANT pike and a few walleyes.


Radio Interview - Chauncey's Great Outdoors 

Check out this interview with Chauncey's Great Outdoors (ESPN Chicago) that I did recently.  My interview begins at around the 16:25 minute mark and goes for 11 or 12 minutes.  We talk about fishing, hunting and tournaments in Sunset Country.