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Shoal Lake Bass Classic Results

The first Sunset Country bass tournament of the season took place July 2-3 on Shoal Lake.  Chris Savage and I fished together and had a tough weekend, ending up with a 17th place finish, just out of the money.  We caught plenty of fish, just didn't get the right ones going this weekend.  Here are the top ten.

1 Dave Kolbelka & Kendrick Penace   4.75 18.34   16.23 34.57
2 Jason Carpentar & Dennis Mandamin     15.99   17.63 33.62
3 Jim Gustafson & Dean Smith     17.67   15.73 33.40
4 Dan Kelly & Daniel Joseph     17.35   16.05 33.40
5 Andrew Beernert & Adam Baychinski     16.7   16.67 33.37
6 Norm Lindsay & Andrew Rogisinski     17.14   16.22 33.36
7 Darin Marcine & Bart Stebnitzky     18.4   14.91 33.31
8 Ted Stewner & Louise Stewner
  16.76   16.1 32.86
9 Jamie Green & Brent Green     17.06   15.65 32.71

Chad Reynolds and Ben Gustafson hold up part of their nice day two catch

Dean Smith and Jim Gustafson (my Dad) tied for 3rd place with Dan Kelly and Dan Joseph



Hi everybody, thank you for keeping up with my website.  My apologies that there have not been any updates the past few weeks.  My computer went down and I just finally got a new one so I'm back up and running.  I'm currently in Fort Frances, Ontario - pre-fishing for the Canadian Bass Championships coming up this week on Rainy Lake.  I will have a bunch of good stuff to post later in the week.  Stay tuned.  


Live-Forage Crawler Hauler walleyes

My buddy Ryan Pogue from Bemidji, Minnesota sent me this picture of a 25" walleye he caught last week on a Northland Live-Forage Crawler Hauler Spinner Rig fished with Northland Bionic monofilament line.  That is a beauty Ryan!  Looks like you beat Dad again! 

Eric Naig from Northland Fishing Tackle with a great walleye he caught testing a new Crawler Hauler Spinner Rig coming out later this summer.   The new rig works great, believe me!!!


June fishing in Sunset Country

It's been a while since my last report - I've been busy!  I have had several guide trips and they've been going pretty good - catching walleyes and smallmouths mostly.  Weather has been pretty good so that's really helped the fishing out quite a bit.  We're have LOT'S OF FUN!!!

This past weekend Troy Norman and I teamed up for the Shaw Dryden Walleye Masters on Wabigoon Lake.  It was our first time fishing the tournament and we walked away with a 20th place finish in the 113 boat field.  The event was very well run, we had a great time and will definately be back next year!  For a look at the tournament website and to find the final results check out

Troy holds one of our better walleyes from the weekend - a healthy 22 incher he caught on a Rapala X-Rap Shap crankbait.  We caught the rest of our fish trolling Northland Crawler Harness Spinners tipped with a crawler.  We caught a BUNCH of fish during our two practice days and both days of the tournament.   I was pulling my spinners on a 7'6" medium action Shimano Crucial spinning rod, Stradic CI4 reel and 15 pound Power Pro line.  We were catching our fish in really shallow water and were not putting any weight in front of the spinner at all. 

Mick Stenson and Chuck Carlson from Minnesota with a big walleye Chuck caught on Lake of the Woods last week.  Caught on a Northland Fire-Ball Jig tipped with a leech 

Mick Stenson with a beauty smallmouth - Lake of the Woods

Diana and Ron Bonofiglio with one of several "doubles" of big smallmouths on Shoal Lake

Rodrigo Espitia from Columbia with a nice walleye he caught on a recent trip 

All of the fish above were released


Guiding going good!!!

I have been guiding just about every day for the past couple weeks.  Fishing has been pretty good, we just need the summer weather to show up!  It's been slowly getting better every day for the most part with regards to temperatures.  Fishing has been good for bass and walleyes...we're also catching a few lake trout, crappies and pike. 

Shawn Churchill and his son Eric with a big Lake of the Woods northern pike caught yesterday. 

A nice walleye.  We had a great day of fishing - caught a BUNCH of walleyes on Northland Fire-Ball Jigs tipped with minnows.  When we ran out of minnows (6 dozen), we caught'em even better on plastic!!! 

A big Shoal Lake smallmouth caught last week.

Glen and Cathy Cross with a Lake of the Woods lake trout.