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Fun Summer of Fishing!!!

Everybody knows that I love to compete in bass tournaments and next week I'll share some photos and info from all of the bass tournaments that I have fished around home this summer.  In between tournaments, I fish a lot, for everything...bass, walleye, pike, musky, crappie and even lake trout.  The beauty of fishing Lake of the Woods and Sunset Country in general is we have SO MANY awesome fishing opportunities!  
Here are some fun photos from this past summer:

Earlier in September my girlfriend Shelby caught her first musky and it was a beauty!  She was pumped, I was proud, pretty awesome stuff!  You never know when you're going to hook one of these critters on these lakes in NW Ontario!

In May I got to spend a day fishing with my good pal Jay Siemans - Jay is one of the BEST photographers I have ever met and he's doing very well for himself, traveling all over the place for photo and video shoots.  
This was one of the great shots that Jay got that day!  Check out his website at  

My brother Ben lives in Toronto so he doesn't get to hit the water in Sunset Country as much as he used to.  He was back for a week in August and we had a pretty good day smallmouth fishing out on the Winnipeg River!  He still knows how to catch'em! 

In July I had the honor of taking our Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, out for a boat ride on Lake of the Woods, along with his daughter, Ella-Grace.  It was very cool to get to spend some time with them out in the boat, we talked fishing, camp living and fun stuff!  My Dad was along driving some of his security guys with us.  

The boat ride with our Prime Minister!  Headed through Devils Gap on Lake of the Woods.  

More people visit Sunset Country to catch walleyes than any other species and for good reason.  We have some of the best walleye fisheries on the planet - for both big fish and numbers.  If you come and visit us to catch a few walleyes, make sure you experience a shore lunch!  
In that walleyes mouth is a Northland Fire-Ball Jig - the best jig ever made for fishing with live bait.  The short shank jig presents the bait in a more natural fashion and they virtually eliminate line twist that you get with regular jigs.   

These lake trout are some of the funnest fish to catch and the most beautiful!  They are some tough fighters!  


2017 FLW Tour Season - Part 2 

While the season started out good, it went downhill for me after the first couple of events.  When the season was finally over, I was actually kind of glad, it just felt like I couldn't get a break.  I had fun, always do visiting new bodies of water and getting to hang with all my pals on Tour but the pressure really started to build up - to cash a check, qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup and do well for all my friends and family that support me.  It's in the books now and I'm gearing up to kick ass again in 2018!

We visited Lake Cumberland, Kentucky in early April which was an uneventful week for me.  After that we went to Beaver Lake, Arkansas, which is a lake I have been to several times and had a great tournament at last year.  My practice at Beaver went well but the water levels changed drastically between the end of practice and the start of the tournament because of heavy rains so that really hurt my finesse program that I had going.  

My first day at Beaver went pretty good and I stayed within check range but my second day really stunk.  I made the mistake of trying to fish the way I did all week but a lot of the fish moved shallow because of the quickly rising water...learn and carry on I guess! 

Prior to going to Beaver I spent a couple days at Table Rock Lake in Missouri fishing with some sponsor folks and the fishing there was awesome, weather was not. It's one of my favourite lakes that I have visited in the U.S. 

After Beaver the next event was at the Mississippi River, out of Lacrosse, Wisconsin.  This picture of the flat tire on my truck pretty much sums up my week there.  Not good.  99th place I think.

Prior to the Mississippi event, Minnesota Vikings superstar Brian Robison hosted a charity tournament that matched FLW Tour pros up with Vikings players and alumni.  It was a great time!  My partner and I finished 2nd in that one...of course it was for fun!  We caught some beauty fish on Pool 5 of the river, that was fun.
Here are a few of my northern FLW pals - Matt Stefan, myself, Andy Young and Austin Felix alongside Robison.

The final event of the season took place at the Potomac River out in Maryland.  One last chance to make some money and qualify for the Cup.  Unfortunately my mediocrity continued and I ended up with a 70 something finish and missed making the Cup by 11 points.  I worked hard, didn't lose any fish, it just wasn't meant to be I guess.  

The good news my girlfriend Shelby flew down to the last tournament to check out the event and help me out with the long drive home.  We had fun, did a little shopping, went to a concert in Pittsburgh and made it back in one piece!  Bring on 2018!  




2017 FLW Tour Season - Part 1

I apologize to everybody because it's been months since I have updated things here!  A lot has happenend since I last posted in December...been through the entire FLW Tour season, had some good ice fishing days and few successful wolf hunters.  I'll try and get everything updated over the next week or so!  

Tour Stop #1: Lake Guntersville, Alabama (Early February)

The first stop of the season went well.  Despite some super tough fishing, I was able to grind out a limit each day en route to a 22nd place finish, only ounces out of the top 20 cut.  I was super happy to get out of this one with a decent finish. I caught a few fish on a Jackall TN70 lipless rattle bait and a few flipping a Northland Impulse Dipstick.  

After the Guntersville tournament I had a day to burn up so I went down the road to Lewis Smith Lake to catch some big spotted bass.  We have visited Smith Lake for Tour events twice since I've been fishing and it's one of my favourite lakes in the South so I was excited to get out there.  I ended up catching a few big spots out deep on swimbaits and drop shots so it was a fun day.  

The day I went to Smith was the day of the Super Bowl and it was rainy so I pretty much had the lake to myself.  My boat this year is the new Lund 2075 ProV Bass and it has been awesome to fish out of.  Runs great, has a ton of storage, looks good, I love it!  

Tour Stop #2: Lake Travis, Texas (mid-February)

After Alabama I made my way to Texas to get ready for the next event at Lake Travis.  I had a couple days of fun fishing with my pal Jeff Sprauge, one of my FLW Tour competitors.  He took me to an awesome lake and showed me how to catch a few fish...good times!  

My brother Ben came down to Travis to practice with me and we had a great time and caught some nice fish.  We ended up getting on a deep program and that was where we caught all of our fish.  This was the big one of the trip and six pounder that Benny caught.  

Aqua-Vu is one of my new sponsors this year and using a camera while practicing at this event was very helpful for distinguishing what I was looking at on my Humminbirds.  One school of fish I marked that I thought were all bass turned out to be a big group of gar.  This camera was able to show me which brush piles had fish in them, it was fun.  

This ended up being a great tournament and I finished up in 13th spot, leaving me sitting in 5th place in the points race through two events.  Little did I know, the season was about to start going downhill.  

Tour Stop #3: Harris Chain, Florida (mid-March)

I went down to Florida a couple days early to warm up at Lake Toho and while the fishing was not fast and furious I did manage to catch a couple of big ones minutes apart one afternoon.  That is a seven and an eight pounder right there!  This is why fishing in Florida is so fun, any flip can kick out one of these things!  

My practice for this tournament was not travel partner for the season and my best buddy on Tour is Brandon McMillan from Florida so he gives me some good direction in the Sunshine State.  I love fishing down there but my tournament results are all over the map.  Heading into this one I was looking forward to the event. 

While I caught some decent fish at this one I ended up falling a little bit short of cashing a check and ended up in 72nd spot...not great but not horrible I figured.  I had gone nine events in a row where I finished in the money so I figured I was due for a tough one.  


A fun hunting season

The 2016 hunting season just wrapped up for us this past week (on Dec. 15).  All in all, it was a pretty fun season.  Grouse hunting was incredible and the deer numbers are starting to improve after a couple of tough years there.  My pals and I did a moose hunting trip just last week to finish off the season and were lucky to tag a big cow, so we'll be eating good this winter!  

These beauty birds are plentiful across the region - FUN to hunt and very good to eat.  

My buddy Jaxon Savage with a big smallie he caught on a fall fishing trip.  Fishing was great this fall for bass, crappies and walleye.  The ice is just about ready to go so I'm looking forward to getting out there to catch a fresh batch of walleye for dinner!  

Scott Bonnema tagged a nice buck in October.  The warm weather this fall seemed to slow daytime activity down a bit but overall the deer numbers seem to be improving.  

My 20 foot Lund Alaskan is great for getting out to hunt on Lake of the Woods no matter what the weather conditions are like.  And it works pretty good for hauling deer around!  

In early November I got out with a few buddies and had some fun duck hunting out on Lake of the Woods.  I love it but damn, do I need to practice!!!  I miss a lot.  Here is a nice batch of ring bills that kept Tikka busy. 

Keith Beasley from Canada in the Rough (TV show) with a nice buck that he harvested in November.  They filmed a Sunset Country deer hunt that'll air early in 2017.  

While I didn't capture photos of any giant bucks this fall there were a lot of quality bucks like these two.  If most of them survive the winter we have a lot to look forward to next fall and in the years to come.  We are off to a great start for this winter with little snow on the ground and we're already into late December.  

Our late season moose hunt was a lot of fun as usual.  It was SUPER COLD the whole time we were there but it had the moose on their feet.  We saw several animals and ended up tagging a big cow.  Here, Dennis Favreau, Sean McAughey and I pose with the moose on it's way out of the bush.  


Fall time in Sunset Country

It's been plenty busy around here over the past couple months as you can see by how long it's taken me to throw a little update on here!  Needless to say, I love fall...the fishing, the hunting and the time around home.  I'm on the road for so much of the year so it's nice to get to hang around home, especially during this great season.

Back in early September I fished the Bassin' For Bucks tournament in Sioux Narrows with my buddy Mike Reid.  We had a good tournament and finished third, for the third year in a row!  We have fished this tournament together since its inception way back in 1996.  We were like 13 years old and fished out of a 14 foot Lund with a cooler for a livewell that first year! 

Also back in early September I got to spend a day on Lake of the Woods with my friend Bob Izumi, his son Darren and a crew from Cuda, makers of really nice fishing accessories like knives and scissors.  We caught a bunch of walleyes, had a great shorelunch and then caught a bunch of lake trout in the afternoon.  It was a good day!  

In mid-September we took a trip out to Lake Nipigon to film a couple of TV shows, one on the Nipigon River for these beautiful brook trout and one for salmon on the same river, below the dams on the Lake Superior side.  This was an incredible trip!  Here, our fishing guide (and good friend) Gord Ellis poses with a Sean McAughey and I for a picture.  
We stayed at Quebeck Lodge in Red Rock for this trip and the accomodations were top-notch, it really was an amazing trip all-around!  

These really are some of the most beautiful fish on the planet.  If you want to plan a trip, contact Ray at Quebec Lodge/Nipigon River Adventures -

Here is a big salmon from the trip as well!  Look for a couple of awesome TV shows to air this coming winter - Fishing with Gussy

We have some great fall bass tournaments around Lake of the Woods/Shoal Lake in the fall and I absolutely enjoy fishing in them.  Here Dennis Favreau and I hold up a really mediocre catch of largemouths from Shoal was not my year out there.  I spend a ton of time there and have had a lot of success but things just didn't click this year...still it's my favourite lake to fish tournaments on!  Already can't wait for next year! 
Congratulations to my buddies Jay Samsal and Scott Dingwall on the win at Shoal Lake!

In late September my friend Bob Mahoney from Shimano came up to spend a couple of days in NW Ontario and we had a couple days of great fishing.  Here is a great shot he took of Bryan Gustafson and I with some big bass!  

Bob and I got into some awesome lake trout one afternoon on Lake of the Woods and caught a bunch!  Here is a nice one he caught.  

We have so many AWESOME fishing opportunities across Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country Region and a lot of great places to stay!  To plan your dream fishing trip, visit