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Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship 

It was another AWESOME week in Fort Frances last week for the 17th annual FFCBC.  This is one of the premier bass tournaments in Canada and it is always a blast for the anglers.  A huge thanks to all the volunteers that put in all the time that they do to make this a truly special event.  

The weather during the pre-fish was and flat for five or six days.  It had the big smallmouths in Rainy on a tear!  The fishing the last few days of practice was phenomenal, the best that I have seen on the lake in 12 years of fishing there.   Unfortunately high winds and colder temperatures moved into the area on day one of the tournament and made things much tougher.  It turned into a tough bite for everybody.  

John Peterson and I ended up with a 5th place finish that we were pretty happy with.  We battled every day and caught what we could.  Caught our fish the first day on 1/2 Northland Reed Runner Spinnerbaits, then caught most of our fish over the next two days on small finesse jigs.  

Pos Team Captain Partner Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Total
1 53 Richard Rud Jon Austin 17.86 15.46 19.10 52.42
1 81 Glenn Leroux Trevor Zimak 16.11 18.60 17.71 52.42
3 77 Mark Raveling Mike Luhman 17.92 16.91 15.13 49.96
4 51 Lauren Ras Chuck Olson 17.45 15.03 15.11 47.59
5 42 Jeff Gustafson John Peterson 14.44 16.90 14.82 46.16
6 24 Bill Sentor Brian Durham 16.20 15.39 14.20 45.79
7 49 Darren Ward Sean Good 19.61 15.84 10.26 45.71
8 48 Scott Bonnema Mark Fisher 18.04 13.44 11.82 43.30
9 88 Joe Thrun Ben Miller 15.66 19.26 6.80 41.72
10 21 Vince Godbout Ron Tucker 13.22 16.45 7.97 37.64

John Peterson with a big smallmouth during prefish for the FFCBC

Austin Strome with a big smallmouth he caught during the 2011 Kid-Pro at the FFCBC

One of our bass on day three.  The boat parade was the highlight of the weekend for all the top ten anglers

Tournament co-champions - Jon Austin/Richard Rud, Glen Leroux/Trevor Zimak - Congratulations guys!  

Again, thanks for an AWESOME event Fort Frances! 

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