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Fall Fishing and Hunting

The fall came and went quickly for me and as usual it was a fun few months around home here in Northwest Ontario's Sunset Country Region.  There is no place in North America that offers the variety of outdoor activites that this region does!  To plan your dream fishing or hunting trip, start your search here:

The fishing this fall was excellent.  It did end a little earlier than normal after the massive winter storm we go in late October but prior to that I got out in the boat quite a few times, catching crappies, walleye and bass.  I missed getting a musky year!

This was the last day I got out bass fishing in late October and it was a phenomenal day.  I got my good friend Dale Saunders in the boat for some bass fishing and we had a blast!  Dale is an excellent walleye angler but he is just getting into the bass game so it was fun to get him on a good bite!  

Aqua-Vu wass a new sponsor for me in 2017 and while I have used underwater cameras plenty over the years it was amazing to use some of these new cameras this year and see how far they have come.  They are full color, easily viewable machines now, they really increase the knowledge you have of the water that you fish and they are awesome for keeping kids interested and occupied in the boat!

In between fishing I do quite a bit of hunting and it was another good year for grouse!  These birds are so beautiful and are arguably my favourite thing to eat on this whole planet!  We have a bunch of them and it's usually not very difficult to get a limit when we head out.  

The deer continue to recover after some tough winters several years ago nearly wiped out our population.  While it is still not at the level it was ten years ago, the numbers are getting better in pockets for sure.  There were several monster bucks taken in the Lake of the Woods area this past season so the future looks good!

This was the best deer I had on my trail cams this past season and my friend John Peterson sat for several days from dark to dark before he finally connected with it!  Pretty much the dream Canada deer right!  

Have a great Holiday everybody!  Look for some ice fishing action soon!  


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