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Fun Summer of Fishing!!!

Everybody knows that I love to compete in bass tournaments and next week I'll share some photos and info from all of the bass tournaments that I have fished around home this summer.  In between tournaments, I fish a lot, for everything...bass, walleye, pike, musky, crappie and even lake trout.  The beauty of fishing Lake of the Woods and Sunset Country in general is we have SO MANY awesome fishing opportunities!  
Here are some fun photos from this past summer:

Earlier in September my girlfriend Shelby caught her first musky and it was a beauty!  She was pumped, I was proud, pretty awesome stuff!  You never know when you're going to hook one of these critters on these lakes in NW Ontario!

In May I got to spend a day fishing with my good pal Jay Siemans - Jay is one of the BEST photographers I have ever met and he's doing very well for himself, traveling all over the place for photo and video shoots.  
This was one of the great shots that Jay got that day!  Check out his website at  

My brother Ben lives in Toronto so he doesn't get to hit the water in Sunset Country as much as he used to.  He was back for a week in August and we had a pretty good day smallmouth fishing out on the Winnipeg River!  He still knows how to catch'em! 

In July I had the honor of taking our Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, out for a boat ride on Lake of the Woods, along with his daughter, Ella-Grace.  It was very cool to get to spend some time with them out in the boat, we talked fishing, camp living and fun stuff!  My Dad was along driving some of his security guys with us.  

The boat ride with our Prime Minister!  Headed through Devils Gap on Lake of the Woods.  

More people visit Sunset Country to catch walleyes than any other species and for good reason.  We have some of the best walleye fisheries on the planet - for both big fish and numbers.  If you come and visit us to catch a few walleyes, make sure you experience a shore lunch!  
In that walleyes mouth is a Northland Fire-Ball Jig - the best jig ever made for fishing with live bait.  The short shank jig presents the bait in a more natural fashion and they virtually eliminate line twist that you get with regular jigs.   

These lake trout are some of the funnest fish to catch and the most beautiful!  They are some tough fighters!  

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