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July Fishing in Sunset Country

A big misconception that many folks have about fishing in our part of the World is they think that the fishing in July is not very good.  WRONG!  It's awesome!  Another is that bass go deep and can't be caught on topwaters...wrong again!!!  The hotter it gets, the shallower and more active they get!  

Shelby and I had a great weekend up in Minaki, exploring the Winnipeg River for bass.  We stayed at Birch Island Resort and had the BEST TIME!  I highly recommend this place for dinner and a great place to stay.

Birch Island Resort 

We've got a new bass club in Kenora - Sunset Country Bass Anglers - and my Dad and my sisters boyfriend Mike Consentino won the first tournament they put on, a Tuesday night tournament on July 24...They won $600 and a new chainsaw!  Congrats guys!

The walleye fishing on Lake of the Woods has been top-notch over the past few weeks...both for numbers and big fish!  Lot's of fun!  

Since we've been catching so many walleyes, we've been having some good shore lunches as well!  I've never left a shore lunch without eating way to much!  It's so delicious!  These fresh fish lunches are the highlight of the trip for many people that visit us in Sunset Country each season!  

The classic jig and minnow catches plenty of walleyes but if you get into fish, run out of bait or go on a remote trip, soft plastics like this Northland Impulse 3" Smelt Minnow rigged on a 1/4 oz jig catches plenty of walleyes! 

Congratulations to my buddies Bryan Gustafson and Brian McNanney on winning the 24th annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship on Rainy Lake!  This is one of the best open, team bass tournaments in North America, always one of the highlights of the summer for me!  Best trophy in bass fishing!!!  


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