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Fishing with Gussy - Points North

Here is a clip of the latest "Fishing with Gussy" segment that aired on Shaw's Points North program last week.  Thanks to the crew at CJBN for hooking us up.


Wolf action on the trail cameras 

My wolf hunts are finished for 2011 but last week I recovered all of my trail cameras that were still out and came across some neat pictures...

A couple of wolves make some day time appearences

This is why trail cameras are some neat.  I actually got pictures of this wolf, which is blind in one eye, at two different spots that are about 5 miles apart.  These critters cover some ground man!  It is a healthy wolf with a really light coat. 

Here is a picture of a lynx...the second time that I have ever seen one on one of my cameras.  They are a protected animal in Ontario, we don't hunt them, it is just really cool to see one.  This animal didn't stick around to long, only got one picture.


Ice fishing report

Despite the deep-freeze that Sunset Country has been in over the past week, we have still been hitting the ice hard, catching several species of fish.  Conditions are not ideal, there is still a lot of snow.  Strong winds this past week really hardened things up so snowmobile travel is the only way to go until we get a good melt. 

A nice whitefish falls for a Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoon

Tom Moore with a nice lake trout

My buddy Dean Howard cooks up some walleyes for a Lake of the Woods shorelunch. 

Kyle Moore with a nice whitefish

Aaron Claus with a beauty lake trout caught inside a Frabill Predator R2-TEC Shelter


The ice report

Ice fishing season is really starting to pick up for me, I'm hitting the ice on a near daily basis and will continue to do so until the end of the season. 
Below are a few pictures from the past few days on Lake of the Woods.  

Jay Samsal holds up a MONSTER pike we caught on Lake of the Woods on Monday while we were filming an ice fishing show for REEL OUTDOORS ONTARIO to promote ice fishing in Sunset Country.  It was one of the biggest pike I have ever had my hands on.  Caught it on a BIGTOOTH RIG, below a FRABILL 10" PRO-THERMAL TIP-UP. 

Holding the big fish in front of the camera, she was released without any problem.

Drilling a few holes with my STRIKEMASTER SOLO in search of walleyes in Sunday evening.

The result - a handful of nice eaters for supper on Sunday night!   


Lake of the Woods = Lake of Slush!!!

Conditions are tough right now on Sunset Country lakes but the fishing is still pretty good!  All the snow combined with warm temperatures last week created significant slush on most waters, though things are starting to tighten up again now that it's cooled back off. 

The boys (Chad, Herm, Bernie and Todd) had good walleye fishing yesterday afternoon at the permanent house out on Lake of the Woods. 

Todd Hacault with a nice lake trout from this past week. 

Dad, with a nice lake trout.

My pal Jamie Bruce works a hole in some deep slush while we were on a mission looking for crappies last weekend.