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Wolf pictures

In between ice fishing, a couple buddies and I do a few wolf hunts in the Sunset Country region.  Here are a couple shots from the past week.  I have a few guys up hunting right now, so check back later in the week for a report.

 This picture was taken a couple days ago when it was REALLY COLD so the quality has been affected a little bit.  These two photos are of a really big, black wolf. 

This guy found himself a little treat.   


Ice Fishing Season is here!!!!

My buddy Jay Samsal and went out for quick fish late yesterday afternoon and ran into some beautiful Lake of the Woods walleyes.  A few eating sized fish and a few big ones which were released. 

Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon (1/4 and 3/8 oz.)

Rapala Jigging Shad Rap (3/8 oz.)



2010 Deer 

I finally caught up with a nice buck this afternoon, my first in four years!  I had a number of trail camera pictures of this guy over the last several weeks so it was nice to see the hard work pay off.  I suffered for him, it was -20 today and I was sitting in a ground blind, but I warmed up really quick when he came in.  He is a heavy 8 pointer with a nice big frame. 

Notice the date on the trail cam picture from this morning, just before legal shooting time! 



Hunting report

Sorry that I have not updated my blog over the past week, I spent last weekend in Minnesota for the 18th annual St. Paul Ice Show.  The show went well - there is plenty of great new ice gear on display and it was great to see everybody. 

We are in our last week of deer season now in Sunset Country so I'm hard at it, trying to stay warm.  Check out the photos from the last couple days...I actually picked up a couple sheds today from a nice 5x5 that I have quite a few pictures of.  Maybe it's time to start shed hunting already?  I have heard of a few friends finding sheds over the past week.

These are two different, beauty 8 pointers that I'm hunting. 

Here are a couple pictures of the 10 pointer that dropped his antlers.  See the freshly picked sheds below. 

 This deer dropped one shed three days ago on the 6th and the other one last night, the 8th.  Notice the blood on the freshly dropped shed...interesting stuff. 



Great week of hunting

Sunset Country received a mega dump of snowfall over the past week and it really got the deer moving.  I had two guests hunting with me this week - Cory and Chris Johnston from Peterborough, Ontario.  Both boys took great bucks - pictured below.

Cory's monster gross scored 167. 

Younger brother Chris's deer scored 154 7/8 gross.

The snow and cold weather this week has made for some great hunting but it is a bad start to the winter for our deer.  They do not do well in the deep snow so hopefully we get lucky and get a lot of warm weather this winter.  Gussy -