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New trail Camera pictures!!!

We have been fortunate to get a lot of good bucks on the trail cameras this's been fun.  We (residents) can still hunt for a few more weeks so we're still after it. 

This is a deer that I have a couple of sheds from - he is unique with the large brow tines.

This is a large non-typical that showed himself on a trail for a couple days in early November.  This is probably the biggest buck I have ever had a picture of.  This thing is a giant! 

Look at the KONG body on this big 8 pointer. 

Another nice, big 8 pointer.  

This is the same buck during the day. 

Check back in a couple days - I have a whole bunch of other big bucks that I have not posted yet. 



Fun in Arkansas

August and I spent this past week in Arkansas attending the Arkansas Media Fishing Adventure put on by Arkansas Tourism.  We stayed at the beautiful Gaston's Resort on the famous White River in the northern Ozark area of Arkansas.  This place was awesome - great accomodations, awesome food and super people. 

The event included a multi-day photo shoot with professional photographer Bill Lindner and it attracted the best, heavy-hitter writers from all over North America.  Here are a few photos from our trip. 

August with here guide Tom with a nice striper.  He put them on a great bite all day - they caught a load of fish, evident in the next picture. 

These fish are very good eating - Heather Brosdahl, Kelly Marble and August Collinson

My first spotted bass.  It should be noted that August was able to take in all the good fishing while I was busy working every day!  She also had a great day of trout fishing on the White River - I will post more pictures later. 

I'm headed into the woods for the rest of the day to check some trail cameras so look for some deer trail cam pictures later as well.  I have a tough week of deer hunting ahead of me!  -Gussy


More lucky hunters

My pal Dan Cole with a monster 6 x 5   

 Andy Tenor with his 13 pointer

Friend Alex Keszler with a beauty!

Look for another batch of trail cam pictures in a few days - Gussy 


Nice bucks!!!

Check out the nice deer taken by my bass fishing buddies from Minnesota while they were up hunting last week. 

Scott Bonnema

Dave Hartig 


Trail Camera Pictures - Round two

A pretty nice one with some "junk"

Some more fighters

A healthy 8 pointer

A nice 8 pointer with some "stickers"

I have had pictures of this guy for three years now - he is tall but is lacking mass.  You don't see a lot of antlers like these around here.  Very unique.

Everybody loves the fighting pictures.  Set up a camera near a scrape and you will get some!  Notice that one of these bucks is blind in one eye - the one on the right - indicated by the fact that the eye does not shine.  I have quite a few pictures of this guy and he lost vision in one of his eyes.  It probably happens all the time based on all the fighting these bucks do. -Gussy