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Sunset Country TV Program

My buddy Jay Samsal and I were in front of the cameras for the guys that film the program REAL OUTDOORS ONTARIO earlier this winter.  We filmed the whole show in an afternoon on Lake of the Woods.  Watch us land a big lake trout, a GIANT pike and a few walleyes.


Radio Interview - Chauncey's Great Outdoors 

Check out this interview with Chauncey's Great Outdoors (ESPN Chicago) that I did recently.  My interview begins at around the 16:25 minute mark and goes for 11 or 12 minutes.  We talk about fishing, hunting and tournaments in Sunset Country.



Still ice fishing in Sunset Country

Cool weather over the past week or so has kept the ice in relatively good shape.  I have been spending to much time fishing and have been neglecting keeping my website up and posting new pictures...

Here are some photos from the past week and a half or so.

A nice crappie from a new little lake that my buddy Dave Bennett scouted out.  It is a snowmobile-access only lake and the fishing was excellent.  It's always fun to fish new places. 

My friend Dean Howard with a big walleye from the same little crappie lake.  We didn't catch many, but we did manage to find a couple of big fish. 

Pulling my Frabill Predator shelter behind my snowmobile to access some back lakes in Sunset Country

Some tip-ups and ciscos - the top option for catching big pike late in the ice season.  It's getting to be that time of year! 

Bryan Gustafson gets ready to put some tip-ups down on an exploratory mission for pike yesterday.  We did catch some fish, check back later for some big pike photos.  I'm still ice fishing for the next week or two as long as ice conditions stay good.  -Gussy


March 17, 2011 - Great day on the ice

I had a guide trip today with a crew of guys from Alexandria, Minnesota.  We spent the day fishing for a  variety of species and had some good luck.  The weather was fantastic early in the day and then turned nasty in the evening but we stuck it out until dark and were rewarded. 

We started out the day fishing crappies and caught some nice ones.

Some nice lake trout caught on a number of different baits



We even caught a smallmouth while we were walleye fishing.  One of the guys caught a really nice whitefish as well and we missed getting a picture of it. 

Lake of the Woods = Lake of options! 


Another week on the ice!!!

I had several guide trips last week and we were fortunate to get into some pretty good fishing along the way for several species.  We caught walleyes, crappies, perch, lake trout and whitefish. 

A nice lake trout I caught on Friday evening while we were walleye fishing.  I had to get the auger in there for the picture.  My Strikemaster SOLO LAZER MAG has drilled over 2600 holes for me already this season with plenty of season left!  The thing is a beauty! 

Dennis Nott and his Dad hold up some slab crappies we caught on Friday as well. 

Some big Lake of the Woods perch that we got into while we were chasing walleyes early in the week.  They hit an 1/8 oz Northland Live Forage Fish-Fry Minnow Jig tipped with some Trigger-X maggots. 

Tomorrow I'm headed down the lake to Oak Island for a couple days for the Northland Fishing Tackle photo shoot and media outing.  Can't wait to see all the new 2012 bait samples!!!  Look for some photos in a few days.  -Gussy