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More lucky hunters

My pal Dan Cole with a monster 6 x 5   

 Andy Tenor with his 13 pointer

Friend Alex Keszler with a beauty!

Look for another batch of trail cam pictures in a few days - Gussy 


Nice bucks!!!

Check out the nice deer taken by my bass fishing buddies from Minnesota while they were up hunting last week. 

Scott Bonnema

Dave Hartig 


Trail Camera Pictures - Round two

A pretty nice one with some "junk"

Some more fighters

A healthy 8 pointer

A nice 8 pointer with some "stickers"

I have had pictures of this guy for three years now - he is tall but is lacking mass.  You don't see a lot of antlers like these around here.  Very unique.

Everybody loves the fighting pictures.  Set up a camera near a scrape and you will get some!  Notice that one of these bucks is blind in one eye - the one on the right - indicated by the fact that the eye does not shine.  I have quite a few pictures of this guy and he lost vision in one of his eyes.  It probably happens all the time based on all the fighting these bucks do. -Gussy


Trail Camera Deer - Round one

Here is the first batch of trail camera deer pictures.  We have been seeing some beauties, we just need to get them a little more active during the day!  The weather in Sunset Country has been awesome the past few weeks though, it has been a lot of fun to be in the woods.  The colder, nastier weather this week will get them moving a little more. 

This is a deer that I have had pictures of for 4 years in a row now.  He gets bigger every year. 

This is a new one that just showed up this week.

Another new one

A nice ten pointer

Some fighters... 

A nice one with some junk.

There is more to come in a few days, this is just a sample.



Fall musky action!!!!

Here is Sunset Country, we are always doing something fun outside...this past weekend we spent a few hours trolling for musky on Lake of the Woods and caught a couple of nice fish.  My buddy Mike Reid from Sioux Narrows was the driver and did a good job putting us on some fish! 


Brittany Lundy with a beauty musky!

August - waiting patiently for a hit.