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Ice Fishing Wrap-Up

The past month has been crazy with ice fishing action for all species.  Walleye season wrapped up last night and with some awesome action and BIG fish!  My buddy Dave Bennett cracked a 10 pounder which was the big fish of the season.  I'm putting the ice gear away today to get ready to start shed hunting.

I'll let the photo's do the talking. 


 Bennett's big walleye.

 August with a beauty.                                                                          

   Jeff with a walleye.

 Alex Keszler with a hump-back crappie.

 Jeff with some slab crappies.

Brad Leuthner with a nice lake trout.

My HOTTEST walleye bait of the year!









After no reports for a while...I have some ice fishing tracks to leave.  My friends Jeremy, Mandy and Jason from Topwater Media were up this past week to fish with August and I and we had some success chasing multi-species around in Sunset Country....








In-Fisherman Cover!!!!

Check out the cover of the up-coming March 2009 issue of In-Fisherman! 



Sunset Country has been hit with an above average amount of snow so far this winter and we got peppered again this past weekend.  Ice fishing has been good, but conditions are tough on the ice right now, with deep snow and slush making travel difficult.  Hopefully we get a little break from the flurries so everything packs up a bit tighter. 

Saturday was blizzard day but we went fishing anyways.  Our crew consisted of Dave Bennett, Scott Dingwall and Matt Basaraba.  I got stuck about 10 times and had to get help from the boys on each occassion.  I also lost steering on my machine (accident) but Dave got me fixed up so I could make it home.  I earned the nickname "sled-head" at the end of the day. 

All for 8 crappies....


Welcome To Jeff Gustafson Outdoors!

Thank you for visiting my new website.  I look forward to sharing my adventures with you and using this as a platform to promote fishing, hunting and the outdoors.  I am pursuing a career within the outdoor industry through guiding, tournament fishing, writing and various promotional activities and I'm blessed to have formed relationships with some many great people because of these endeavors.  Check back often for fishing reports, trade secrets and funny stories.


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